Guard Your Heart, For it brings Life

by: Kristi Triplett

Your Heart. It’s Precious, Darling.

In 2015, in Los Angeles at the Yellow Conference, Eryn Eddy, founder of So Worth Loving, said this statement that has followed me for over a year, “If you work harder on your job than yourself, you will lose yourself.”

Wow. Those words went straight to the heart. As I meditated on those words, went back to my roomies AirBnB, and talked the night away, I began to realize that I was losing myself in my job/what people said about me/ and everything else I was trying to do in my life. This busy body, people pleaser took a hit from that bold statement…but I tell you, it was life changing. It helped me take a step back, start evaluating my life, and discovered if I was truly protecting myself and looking after myself more than what I was running around doing each day for other people.

As a mental health professional, I am wired to look after people more than myself. Even from something as simple as my writing, to my clients, to traveling abroad and working with young adults. This life is hard work, ladies, and as dreamers, shakers, and doers, we are all wired to serve the greater good with our unique talents and skills. My question to you is this – How much importance are you putting on your own health, relationships, and dreams?

We are called to protect our hearts and it is so critical that our hearts are healthy.”Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23 NIV

A healthy heart follows a healthy path that leads to a healthy life.

When we begin to lose ourself in how others perceive us, how “successful” we are, or how put together we are, we usually find that we are giving out too much of our hearts or maybe too haphazardly. We jump into saying “yes” way too much, we worry about getting that perfect job, we listen to the words way too strongly of people who are not, as I call them, “safe people”, who make us question our own values and pursuance of our dreams. Can you see how this process can begin? I am one to raise my hand first and say, “Yes. Many times I worry too much, I overload my schedule, I let people in my life who aren’t building me up.” So I ask you this, darling, what is the condition of your heart?

Let us return to our purest selves. Let’s come to the present moment and ask ourselves where are our desires and passions coming from? How much time are you renewing your heart, shifting your focus on the One who gave you the only YOU this earth will ever see. Let’s get excited! The most beautiful you is when you realize the worth you have, and you begin to walk in who you’ve been called to be with a peace beyond your own understanding. Our “now” is a gift each of us have been given even if our nows aren’t exactly where we thought they would be. What you are doing and dreaming about IS important. Don’t let the person next to you try and steal that. Care for your heart because out of it flows life, and watch as your journey blooms because you have found yourself again.